WATCH: Jhonni Blaze interviews from her surgeons office prior to getting a massive boob job, nose job, & and liposuction surgery


It kinda causes me a lil anxiety to think that I could be putting in work in the bedroom and then all of a sudden cottage cheese, cookie dough, industrial silicone, petroleum jelly, Elmer’s glue, and Nutty Putty could just start oozing out of the needle holes of somebody’s ass and all on to my sheets, so for that reason I always say that folks should just appreciate the uniqueness that God has blessed them with physically and make the best of it instead of getting an artificial body..

But on the flip side I don’t knock anybody who chooses to go that route if you feel that’s what you need for your self-esteem, so after watching Love & Hip Hop NY’s Jhonni Blaze discussing her multiple surgeries during a recent interview all I could do is tip my snapback to the reality star for having the balls to do it on camera. Peep it out..