WATCH: After a brief hiatus Nelly and the fam pops back up with the new trailer for Nellyville Season 2


I tip my snapback in support of MC’s such as T.I., The Game, and Nelly trying to make family oriented reality television, but it kinda makes it hard for them to sell the positive wholesome image and make it believable to the mainstream media when their always getting locked up and catching bad press at the same time..

Whether their beating up the mother of their kids, getting arrested for having guns, or being busted for having drugs they still can find comfort in knowing that their legal issues won’t be aired out to the world on-screen through their respective reality shows since the networks choose to focus mainly on the children on most of these shows, so I’m sure that Nelly won’t have much to worry about when the second season of Nellyville pops off on May 5th. Peep the trailer below..