WATCH: Big Tigger puts Kirk Frost & Rasheeda in the hot seat on ‘Afterparty Live’ for possibly having a fake storyline


Viewers have been starting to wonder if Kirk and Rasheeda have been trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes over the past few seasons on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta by putting their best improvisational acting skills to good use and fronting cliché “relationship issues” for the cameras, but since most of what we watch on television is scripted to some degree anyways it’s easy to just chalk it up to it being just another form of entertainment..

But where the problem comes in is when some reality stars try to insult the viewers intelligence, if you know that you’re exploiting your marriage for a check then it’s probably best to just lay low and avoid interviews until the season is over so that you won’t get called out for it eh? Maybe Kirk and Rasheeda should have gotten that memo before hitting up VH1’s ‘Afterparty Live’ recently where they were put in the hot seat by Big Tigger over the authenticity of their storyline, peep how they handled it below..