WATCH: The doctors and doctors wives of Married To Medicine blaze back on the scene with the new fiery trailer for Season 3


Married To Medicine’s Quad Webb and Lisa Nicole grabbed headlines a few months ago after getting into a glass shattering brawl during filming that led to blood being shed and one ‘wife’ being rushed to the hospital, and even though the newly released trailer hints that the bad blood between the two stems from Quad airing out Lisa’s husband for fathering a child with anther woman outside of his marriage it appears that it may be a lot more to their beef..

Season 3 is on Bravo’s books to premiere on June 7th, dig into the new trailer below to get a taste of what to expect..


This season, the lines between the ladies’ personal and professional lives are blurred. Dr. Jackie’s passion for health leads her to start a fitness program but heartbreak hits home when she must deal with a family member’s illness. Dr. Simone’s practice is booming, but her personal life is about to implode when she dives into her past and figures out the root of her anger issues.


Dr. Heavenly faces a daunting dilemma when her husband pressures her to spend more time at home. Toya is on a mission to prove that she’s not just a doctor’s wife and helps Eugene take his medical concierge business to the next level. When Quad and Lisa run background checks on each other, the results reveal shocking transgressions that leave the two at odds. -Bravo