WATCH: The Parent Teacher Organization crumbles & mommy mayhem erupts in the trailer for Bravo’s new series ‘Mother Funders’


Since ATL is the mecca for all of the pretentious and condescending folks across the country to navigate to it haven’t been hard for the networks to scoop up more than a few entertaining locals that are thirsty enough to cut up on television for a check and 15 minutes of fame, and even after the failure of past shows like ‘The New Atlanta’ and ‘Big Rich Atlanta’ producers still decided to hit up the peach state once again to give birth to yet another shaky concept with the new Bravo series ‘Mother Funders’ that focuses on beefs within Parent Teacher Organizations..

After you stop rolling your eyes pop the top and peep the new trailer for ‘Mother Funders’ premiering June 14th..


Following a passionate Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in the small town of Locust Grove, Georgia, this group holds benefits to raise and donate money to their kids’ local elementary school. Run like a corporation, President Carla Stephens keeps a watchful eye on her fellow board members Shayzon Prince, Robin Dyke, Amber Bryant, LaShon Thompson, Amber Coulter and former member Shana Koorse.


Despite their personalities, tantrums and outbursts, these ladies have their sights set high to raise and donate $100,000. Through lavish fundraising events from a Black Tie Gala to a Pink Pajama party, these mothers must work together and adhere to the strict rules and high expectations of their demanding commander-in-chief. -Bravo