BLAZIN CLIP: Watch as Jessica Dime & Mimi Faust tries to iron out their beef in this un-aired scene from LHHATL Season 4


There seems to be a lot of similarities between all of these Love & Hip Hop ex-strippers that VH1 scoops up off of skid row, with Nya Lee, Jhonni Blaze, Joseline Hernandez, and Jessica Dimepiece all coming across as a lil hostile and combative I guess it’s safe to say that spending years hustling in a strip club can make folks kinda rough around the edges, so much so that they sort of become their own worst enemy..

Love & Hip Hop ATL’s Jessica Dimepirece just gave us another example of how to effortlessly self-sabotoge your industry relationships and commit career suicide by cuttin’ up in a studio on national television, check out how she justifies it in this un-aired scene from Season 4..