BLAZIN CLIP: Quad meets up with a private detective to get dirt on Lisa Nicole Cloud & her husband – Married To Medicine Season 3


Married to Medicine Season 3 is off to a running start and fans are finally starting to witness the wicked series of events between Quad Webb and Lisa Nicole Cloud that ultimately reaches a boil and spills out into streets in an earth-shaking cat fight, but since Bravo caught a lot of heat from the “conservative” folks for letting the Porsha Williams hair-dragging reunion fight with Kenya Moore air for the world it’s possible that they just may block out most of the tussle when it airs, they’ve already taken steps to go back and edit out the early traces of the fight that was initially shown in the official season trailer..

Get a fly on the wall look at Quad Webb’s meeting with a private detective as she seeks out some deep info on Lisa and her husband in this scene from Married To Medicine Season 3..