WATCH: T.I. hits ‘The View’ with Tiny and explains why he doesn’t want to record any joint songs with her


It’s well-known that Jermaine Dupri’s relationship with Kandi Burruss played a big part in the demise of Xscape after certain group members felt that she was getting leads on songs and favoritism because of their involvement, but depending on which member of the group that you speak to you’ll also hear that some of the other reasons as to why the group broke up was because of Latocha Scott wanting to go solo and T.I. wanting Tiny to leave the music industry to be a stay at home mom..

Even though Tiny eventually heeded to his demands and gracefully bowed out of the game for a while to raise the fam, fans have still been wondering why the couple haven’t at least done a couple of songs together. Watch as T.I. provides the answer to that lingering question during their recent stop at ‘The View’…