The OWN network snatches up Tyrese Gibson & Rev Run for their own prime time talk show based on their best-selling book ‘Man-ology’


Since I survived my wild 20’s and learned a majority of life’s lessons about manhood on my own by the time I reached the 30 and up club, I haven’t really needed to pick up any manuals or books full of tips on how to achieve some other dude’s idea of what manhood is supposed to be. But I’m still in full support of Tyrese and Rev Run stepping out to the forefront to try to provide some type of objective guidance for the 20-something’s out there that need it, and with their new talk show based on their best-selling book ‘Manology’ set to hit OWN soon it appears that the timing couldn’t be better..


The eight-episode weekly primetime talk show, developed and produced by CBS Television Distribution, is set for debut on OWN in early 2016. Longtime friends Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run, who collaborated on the New York Times bestselling book Man-ology, will lead discussions about relationships and love from a man’s point of view. This marks CBS Corp.’s first series for OWN.

An ordained minister and father of six, Rev Run (aka Joseph Ward Simmons) and Tyrese,  a single father, will be joined by a primetime studio audience and celebrity guests. Via social media, viewers can ask the pair questions about men, relationships, marriage and sex.-Deadline