BLAZIN CLIP: Nikko is brought to tears after Margeaux demands a separation in this scene from LHHATL Season 4


It’s pretty common to see a woman break into tears every now and then, but you can’t deny that it speaks volumes when a man shamelessly sheds tears in front of the world. Love & Hip Hop ATL’s resident bad boy Nikko Smith recently brought his wife Margeaux down here to the A to play a part in his master plan to set up Mimi Faust, but what he didn’t plan for was for her to end up drop-kicking him to the curb once she got on the show and turn the tables on him by using her screen-time to redeem herself from being the “stupid wife” that allowed her husband do a porn tape with another chick..


Now that Margeaux is ready to spread her wings and do her own thing she’s letting the world witness her giving Nikko his walking papers, but unfortunately Nikko doesn’t take the news of her wanting to separate too well.. Watch as the couple put the nail in the coffin of their relationship in this scene from LHHATL Season 4..