WATCH: Yung Joc, Momma Dee, & Khadiyah give fresh thoughts on Episode 9 as part of the LHHATL “Check Yourself” series


I guess the lesson that Khadiyah wanted to spread to the thousands of the younger chicks watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this week is that even though you’re knowingly dealing with a dude that shamelessly cheats on you, and lives like a nomad while sleeping in cars and on random couches, it’s smart to still have unprotected sex and risk ending up in the clinic or becoming baby momma number 5. Sharing dick is pretty common for some folks in this town but damn you can at least have some type of standard eh? Be smart about it..

Check out Yung Joc, Khadiyah, and Momma Dee giving their thoughts on Episode 9 as part of the LHHATL “Check Yourself” series..