WATCH: The second glass shattering extended trailer for Bad Girls Club Season 14 emerges


Since the ladies of Bad Girls Club Redemption and BGC All-stars stepped the bar up earlier this year by rubbing out two explosive back to back seasons with throwback cast members from the past and some new faces all bringing the noise and drumming up the ratings, it might be kinda hard for the new batch of ladies to top it and make Season 14 shine above the rest..

The cast looks a lil shaky but nonetheless the felines still plan to do their best to raise enough hell to stand out, get familiar with the ladies and peep out the new extended trailer below..


Hailing from Houston, Texas, Jelaminah “Jela” Lanieris a confident southern girl with controlling tendencies. Kat Florek is a competitive, fun party girl who loves beautiful women, dive bars and karaoke. A gutsy girl from the Windy City, Jasmine Carter is known for saying one thing and doing another, if you make Jasmine mad, you’ll get a dose of the South Side’s finest..


A self-proclaimed “Backwoods Barbie,” Lauren Lewis loves to hunt, fish, wrestle and hang with the guys. Hailing from Atlanta, Lauren is known to be the life of the party but often finds herself in casual relationships. Christina “Tina” Aviles is a New York Puerto Rican princess who commands the attention of everyone around her. And never the ones to bite their tongues, NY’s identical twins Shannon and Shannade Clermont are double the trouble. -Oxygen