FIRST LOOK: Get an eyeful of the first 15 minutes of the Bad Girls Club Season 14 premiere episode


The new season of Bad Girls Club is in the pipeline for August 11th, but Oxygen is ready to let the feisty batch of felines bust out of their cage a lil early and claw their way on to the scene with a 15 minute extended preview of the “BGC: Back For More” premiere episode. Get familiar with Jelaminah, Kat, Jasmine, Lauren, Christina, and identical twins Shannon & Shannade as they meet for the first time and prepare to move into their new digs..


BGC returns with a with a fresh crop of seven young women on “Bad Girls Club: Back For More” premiering Tuesday, August 11 at 8PM ET/PT on Oxygen. These feisty alpha females move into the Los Angeles mansion, ready to make friends, meet potential enemies and perhaps embark on a journey of transformation. Life coach Laura Baron helps each girl empower themselves, curb their tempers and reach their personal goals.


Will old habits die hard or will these girls take a step toward going from bad to good? Catch a casting special on Tuesday August 4 at 8PM ET/PT to meet the ladies before they officially move into the house. -Oxygen