BLAZIN CLIP: Quad fumes over Lisa slicing her face in this scene from Married To Medicine Season 3

Lisa Nicole Cloud quickly lost a chunk of her reality television fans and landed herself on top of the shit list of many Married To Medicine viewers who watched in disappointment as she attacked her costar Quad Web with a glass to the grill on episode 4 of Season 3. But it’s not only the fans that are expressing that their team Quad on this one, other ladies from the Married to Medicine cast have also taken out their time to air out Lisa for her ratchet rampage..

-Simone Whitmore Blog;

This background check situation is a hot mess and has definitely gone in the wrong direction tonight. I agree with Quad that friends don’t background check friends. If Lisa was truly considering a business venture with Quad, she should have said so and told Quad that she needed to do the background check. So I am not buying Lisa’s story. I had a bad feeling about Quad getting the private investigator involved, and it is obvious tonight, she has the kitchen sink on Lisa.

Wait just one minute, I have to address one subject that bothers me every time it comes up. We have to stop throwing out the word “bully” unless the real definition applies. Lesson for tonight’s episode: Don’t start any mess, and there won’t be any mess! Once you start the mess, you can’t now call the person a “bully” for throwing a mess back into your lap. 

-Toya Bush-Harris Blog;

I was so shocked to see how Lisa, a lady who displays such class, conducted herself in the meeting with Quad. The behavior that she displayed in that meeting was the same behavior she was criticizing Quad of being: ratchet! Now we all know I have had MY OWN experiences when it comes to being pushed to a limit, and when you are being physically attacked, there can be a natural reaction to defend yourself. Yet in this situation I did not see Quad physically attack Lisa.

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