BLAZIN CLIP: Lisa snaps and goes HAM in the strip club over Darren in this scene from Married To Medicine Season 3


 Who would’ve thought that the soft-spoken sweet Lisa Nicole Cloud that we met last season on Married To Medicine would turn out to be the most hostile and ratchet out of the bunch? Not only does she get pretty raw when it comes to throwing verbal jabs, but she also doesn’t hesitate to throw hands, drinks, or even a glass at a chick’s face if need be..


After sneak dissing every chick in the state of Tennessee during her spat with Quad Webb by implying that their “hood rats”, Lisa is now tapping into her own hood side by ripping into cast newbie Jill Connors and accusing her of setting her up to be confronted by a stripper over her husband Darren. Watch as Lisa cuts up in the strip club in this scene from Married To Medicine Season 3..