WATCH: Ashley Nicole, Erica Dixon, Jessica Dime & Mimi Faust give the “Check Yourself” rundown on Episode 12


I know that I wasn’t the only one that was super uncomfortable while watching Deb Antney and Kalenna go at it, it was kinda unfortunate.. But not quite as unfortunate as Tammy Rivera looking all types of dumb by trying to confront Kalenna over the incident like a paid goon. I’m not sure who wears a full length gown and 90 inch heels to go scrap, but after being tossed around by Joseline at the reunion last season my guess is that Rivera wanted to some how redeem herself from that..

This whole Kirk, Rasheeda, and Ashley Nicole stage play is draining the life out of my reality TV bones so I’ll just let that speak for itself. Check out Ashley Nicole, Erica Dixon, Jessica Dime & Mimi Faust diving into Episode 12 as part of the LHHATL “Check Yourself” series..