WATCH: Tyga and his right hand man Trell takes you behind the scenes of his reality show ‘Kingin Wit Tyga’


If you’re anxious to tune-in to Tyga’s new reality show so that you can get a fly on the wall look into his love life with Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner then you may have to wait a few episodes to get your fix, the MC plans to use most of his screen-time showing off his luxury cars, clothes, and other expensive rented shit that nobody can afford. You may not see too much drama play out on-screen but you’ll definitely get to see his day to day interactions with his right-hand man Trell, his assistant Katherine, his manager Ant, and his dj “SB” who rounds out the cast for ‘Kingin Wit Tyga’..


Get familiar with Tyga’s crew and get a rundown on what to expect from the series premiere that’s kicking into gear on July 24th..