WATCH: Tempers rage and tears flow in the new trailer for Couples Therapy Season 6

If I ever needed to go to “couples therapy” for any relationship then it’s about time to bounce, we learn at a young age that the circle doesn’t fit the square so there’s really no point in trying to make two incompatible people work. But there are still those folks out there that rather spend a bunch of wasted time seeking out advice about their relationship from strangers in hopes of it helping them learn to like each other again, and even though the idea of “couples therapy” is pointless it still makes for good television..


Check out the trailer for VH1’s Couples Therapy Season 6 featuring Mob Wives bad girl Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and Neil Murphy, Creed singer Scott Stapp and Jaclyn Stapp, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Carmen Carrera and Adrian Torres, Janice Dickinson and Robert Gerner, and hip-hop heavyweight Joe Budden and his lady Kaylin Garcia..