WATCH: Bad Girls Club’s Natalie Nunn and her husband Jacob gets attacked in a huge street brawl


It looks like Natalie Nunn and Jacob’s stay at the ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars’ house worked out good in their favor as far as their relationship goes, but apparently Natalie’s bad girl ways still lingers as she remains a target for random chickenheads who took her antics on ‘Bad Girls Club’ way too personal. Watch as the couple is attacked by a few ratchet folks while trying to catch a Uber ride..

-Natalie Nunn;

“This was all over a “UBER” car. “We took uber being safe and not drinking and driving! When we left the club we got in OUR UBER and a crazy couple ran up screaming and yelling. I nicely said this is our uber. The girl proceeded to open my back seat down and was swinging on me.

My husband was spit on through the window! Then I still was telling myself and husband this is not a big deal and lets just figure this out and the couple just start fighting us! They were arrested, and cops were standing right there on the corner downtown. They went to jail. At the end of the day, we had to protect ourselves.” -Natalie Nunn