BLAZIN CLIP: The Clermont twins get ambushed by male strippers in this scene from Bad Girls Club Season 14


I may do a lil 2-step in my boxers for you in private if I’m faded enough, but there’s no stack of cash that’s high enough or Kush that’s potent enough to get me to strip as a side hustle. It’s starting to pay-off well for those in that profession though, with ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and ‘Chocolate City’ injecting new life into the male stripper industry this year the fellas have been soaking up their time in the limelight as their booking fees start to rise and reality show producers start knocking on their doors..

Two ‘Magic Mike’ rejects just recently booked a gig to twerk on the Bad Girls Club for the Clermont twins, watch how the freaky scene unfolds in this clip from Season 14..