WATCH: Pop the lock and get a look behind the scenes of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Reunion


Even though a sober Stevie J was still more than ready to hand over an ass whooping during the Love & Hip Hop ATL Season 4 reunion show, it’s good that the tone of the show as a whole was a little lighter this season compared to the ratchet royal rumble that went down last year. Most agree that it was pretty dope to see Jessica Dime and Joseline Hernandez finally put their beef to bed, but a few viewers are still a lil salty that Rasheeda and Kirk Frost didn’t get called out for trying to fool us with their fraudulent storyline this season..


Peel back the lid and get a fly on the wall look at the cast as the get prepped for battle backstage at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 reunion..