BLAZIN CLIP: Ceaser’s house hunting with Dutchess takes a turn for the worst in this scene from Black Ink Crew Season 4


It’s no secret that most dudes stop maturing after the age of 21, some may mellow out or become a lil more reserved as they get older but mentally a man is going to already be set in his ways by 21 for the most part. Constantly force-feeding your thoughts on how much he needs to “change” in order to fit the mold of the guy that you see in your dreams is always a big mistake, and it’s actually pretty selfish. It’s guaranteed to leave you unmarried and unhappy in the end..

I say you should just let a man be a man, if he doesn’t happen to fit your mold on day 1 then bounce since he most likely wont change, but its kinda dumb to stick around just to whine and complain about the person that he is. Watch as Ceaser and Dutchess gives us a brief example of what incompatibility in relationships look like in this scene from Black Ink Crew Season 4..