BLAZIN CLIP: Kamiah tries to expose Lil Fizz for having impotence issues in this scene from LHHH Season 2

If somebody gives you enough respect to tell you upfront that they just want to be single instead of doing things behind your back, maybe you should appreciate the heads up instead of being dumb about it.. Have a certain level of class about yourself as you move on, and an understanding that not everybody that comes into your life is meant to stay.. Sometimes the shit just doesn’t work out, but how you choose to handle the aftermath will say a lot more about you as a person than it will about your ex..

With that being said, Lil Fizz’s ex-girlfriend Kamiah has only had about 15 minutes of screen time so far on Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and she’s already proving to be a lame addition to the show by pulling-out one of the oldest cheapest disses since mankind in effort to “expose” Lil Fizz in this scene from Episode 4..