WATCH: Max, Fizz, Brandi, Nikki, & Kamiyah goes for blood on the LHHH “Check Yourself” episode 4 recap


There is one huge difference between a blogger and a journalist.. A college degree. So when thirsty gossip “bloggers” start hopping on reality shows and referring to themselves as “journalist”, I’m sure that all of the real journalist out there who slaved in school for years to get their actual journalism degrees cringe in the inside..


This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood also had me wondering at what point did beautiful women start being so desperate so young? The fellas are on television being blatantly disrespectful to women with smiles on their faces, while the women scream, fight each other, and beg for him to stay in their lives? Watch as Max, Fizz, Brandi, Nikki, & Kamiyah go for blood and further air out their issues on the LHHH episode 4 “Check Yourself” recap..