BLAZIN CLIP: The feisty new replacement bad girls raise hell in this scene from BGC Season 14 Episode 8


I admit that I was a little confused when a few clips from Oxygen landed in my inbox with the headline “Meet the new replacement bad girls”..I had to do some quick BGC binge watching to make sure that my Clermont twins were still holding their spot on the show and to also get caught up on why there were now 3 new replacements being brought into the BGC crib, but unfortunately it didn’t take long to catch wind that my twins, along with Jela, were the ones who had been handed their walking papers by the BGC producers following a brawl on Episode 7..

The names of the new replacements are Alicia, Amber, and Beatrice if I’m not mistaken, Amber is kinda dope but the other two you can make the judgement for yourselves after peeping out these clips from Bad Girls Club Season 14 Episode 8..