WATCH: The Westbrook sisters bring their lives as Instagram socialites to reality TV with BET’s ‘The Westbrooks’


I guess if the Kardashians can get away with being talentless and still become famous off of the strength of them getting screwed by rappers and ball players, then there should be more than enough room for the Westbrook sisters to shine when they bring their own brand of sisterly noise to BET this Fall. After the disasters that were Oxygen’s ‘It Takes A Sister’ and Christina Milian’s ‘Turned Up’, the Westbrook fam is ready to take their own stab at a “sister themed” reality series that focuses on their lives as Instagram socialiites..


‘The Westbrook’s’ is set to pop off on October 14th, peep out the trailer below to see if they have what it takes to be the next biggest television family..