WATCH: Go behind the scenes of the BBWLA Season 4 reunion as the ladies get dolled up and ready for mayhem


I’m sure that NBA ballers Janero Pargo and Jason Maxielle has cringed a lot over the past few years while watching their wives fighting and acting like hoodlums on national television, but at least it created the perfect distraction for them to dip off and find other women to have affairs with. It’s been made clear during Season 4 that Brandi and Malaysia invest more energy into trying to keep their spots on Basketball Wives than they do into keeping their husbands, so we can expect them to go for blood at the reunion show..

The duo is still under the delusion that they are equals with executive producer Shaunie O’Neal, yet viewers are still wondering what the hell it is that they actually do for their careers on or off-screen that doesn’t involve spending their husbands money. Watch as the ladies get prepared for battle backstage at the Basketball Wives LA Season 4 reunion..