WATCH: Hazel E goes unfiltered in a new interview and explains why she quit Love & Hip Hop Hollywood


Hazel E recently sat with Yesi Ortiz and quietly revealed that she got producer credit for Season 1 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood being that she was the mastermind behind bringing most of the cast together and getting them on board for the show, she also disclosed how she had a major foot in the casting of Season 2 as well by bringing the controversial Miles and Milan storyline to VH1 producers and fighting to get them a spot..

But after having a drink thrown in her face by a bitch-made “blogger” as security just stood by and watched, Hazel says that she’s now ready to bounce and start pitching new reality show projects to other networks that focuses less on drama and more on talent. Watch as Hazel E squash pregnancy rumors, calls out LHHH for bad editing, and discuss her upcoming single with Jeremih in a new interview with Power 106..