BLAZIN CLIP: Things get ratchet when Quani goes HAM on Dutchess in this scene from the Black Ink Crew Reunion

Black Ink Crew is one of the handful of reality shows that actually doesn’t need to be scripted or staged, unlike Love & Hip Hop they don’t have a slew of managers and publicists swarming around the set making sure that their “artist” doesn’t look bad on TV. But with that rawness also comes a lot of liabilities for the network as the cast continues to get into brawls in public places every season and threaten producers who try to intervene, it’s definitely the closest that you’re going to get to “real” ratchet reality television based on real-life hood drama..

Did Dutchess fake her miscarriage? Did she hook up with O’Sh*t? Watch as Quani airs out some deep info in this wild scene from the Black Ink Crew Reunion..