BLAZIN CLIP: Hakeem & Freda steps into the ring for a rap battle in this scene from Empire Season 2


In a day and age where female rappers mostly spit bars about how many designer bags and shoes that they have, I’m not sure whose idea that it was to go snatch “Freda” up from off of skid row and try to make her the face of modern female rap on Empire.. Besides looking like Pam from the 90’s girl-group ‘Total’, Freda still raps like it’s the 1992 pre-Foxy Brown/Lil Kim era when chicks were trying to rap like guys to get noticed..

Not sure why they didn’t dip into that Empire budget and snatch up one of the established female MC’s in the game for the role, but I guess they milked most of their funds casting all of those other unnecessary cameos instead. Get a taste of Freda and Hakeem’s rap battle below in this scene from Empire Season 2..