BLAZIN CLIP: Naomi Campbell returns & Boo Boo Kitty goes for blood – Empire Season 2 mid-season finale


If hearing Jussie Smollett’s overrated singing on every episode wasn’t annoying enough, his awkward “love scene” with Alicia Keys left most viewers even more nauseated, and unfortunately to keep the teeth-sucking and eye-rolling from Empire fans going strong, they’ll be force-feeding more of the unrealistic storyline down your throats next week when the series return for the mid-season finale..

But on a good note, you can expect to see super model Naomi Campbell make her return back to the mix as she links back up with Hakeem, and you’ll also get to witness Boo Boo Kitty’s mental breakdown that comes as a result of it. Get a taste of the Empire Season 2 mid-season finale below..