BLAZIN CLIP: Da Brat hits the stage and spits heat in this un-aired scene from the Empire Season 2 mid-season finale


Da Brat’s appearance on the mid-season finale of Empire was a well welcomed surprise for viewers after having to suffer through watching ‘Freda’ for most of the season, but even though she effortlessly tackled the role of Cookie’s old prison pal ‘Jazz’, her performance scene of her new joint ‘Dim Your Light’ was kinda left on the cutting room floor in effort to fit everything into a 1-hour finale for Season 2 instead of the usual 2 hour airing..

The second half of Empire Season 2 isn’t set to resume until March 30th 2016, so maybe it’ll air when the series picks back up, in the meantime peep it out below to see what you missed out on..