WATCH: Cardi B, DJ Self, Moe, Lexxy, & Mariah Lynn blow off steam over Love & Hip Hop NY Season 6 Episode 4


The one thing that easily sets apart the cast members of the Atlanta or Hollywood editions of Love & Hip Hop from the thrifty New York crew, is how they always stepped to the plate with their best fashion and hair game during the course of filming. If folks didn’t tune-in to watch the drama they were at least tuning in to peep out the designer threads and rented mansions, but it appears that the show producers have kinda lost sight of that element with the current cast and only seem to be relying solely on big personalities to carry the season..

Watch as Cardi B, DJ Self, Moe, Lexxy, and Mariah Lynn weigh-in on Love & Hip Hop New York Season 6 Episode 4 as part of VH1’s “Check Yourself” series..