WATCH: Bianca, Cardi B, Lexxy & Moe take to “Check Yourself” to weigh-in on LHHNY Season 6 Episode 5


Even though Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop NY is in full swing, it appears that all of the real fireworks have been going down during the current filming of the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop ATL that already has the net buzzing about rumored new cast members and catfighting. But before Scrappy and crew return in the Spring, the NY cast will continue to air as somewhat of a warm-up act to the more anticipated premiere of ‘Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood’ that’s set to pop on January 25th..

Watch as Bianca, Cardi B, Lexxy & Moe hits up VH1’s  “Check Yourself” series to weigh-in on LHHNY Season 6 Episode 5..