WATCH: Bianca, Mariah Lynn & Cardi B take shots at BBOD as part of the LHHNY “Check Yourself” Episode 7 recap


Producers must’ve spent a lot of time sorting through the huge pile of rejects from Oxygen’s ‘Sisterhood Of Hip Hop’ to cast season 6 of Love & Hip Hop NY.. But unlike Oxygen, after VH1 gathered up a total of 6 anxious female MC’s that were willing to be paid in bread crumbs and peanuts for a little air-time and exposure, the network cleverly tapped Yandy and Rashidah Ali to instigate beef amongst the ladies and further dig the grave for female rap in the mainstream instead of trying to bring them all together for a project..

Watch as Bianca, Mariah Lynn, and Cardi B take shots at BBOD as part of the Love & Hip Hop NY  “Check Yourself” Season 6 Episode 7 recap..