BLAZIN CLIP: Porsha tips Phaedra off about the feds running up on Kandi in this scene from RHOA Season 8


The feds are out to recoup all of the assets that Apollo Nida copped on the strength of his fraud, and they plan to leave no leaf unturned while on the hunt to track it all down. Nida may have thought that stashing some of his most prized possessions with Todd while he served out his prison sentence was a no-brainer to keep it out of the cross hairs of the government, but after Kandi mentioned it on-air at the start of the season, the feds wasted no time paying her a visit..

Watch as Porsha gives Phaedra the heads up about Kandi’s run-in with the law in this scene from the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 8 finale..