WATCH: Basketball Wives LA’s Shaunie O’Neal pops out the trailer for her new spin-off ‘Shaunie’s Home Court’


Shaunie O’Neal have been on the hustle to land her own spin-off series that follows her personal life for a few years now, but Shaquille O’Neal have been putting the brakes on the project and stomping out her hopes for the family-based show after voicing his concerns about having their 5 young kids tossed into the spotlight..

Now that the tikes are all grown up, Shaq has given VH1 the green light for Myles, Shareef, MiMi, Shaqir, and Me’Arah to hop in front of the lens and craft ‘Shaunie’s Home Court’ alongside their 2 nannies Keyona and Robert. Peep the trailer below to get familiar with the fam..