WATCH: With Detroit vs Baltimore vs Jersey things get ratchet in the trailer for Oxygen’s ‘Last Squad Standing’


The Oxygen network have been struggling to keep their footing in the reality television lane lately after being steamrolled in ratings by hit shows crafted by VH1 and WeTV over the past few years, and after rolling out more than their fair share of lukewarm “urban” reality shows recently, they’re taking another stab at winning viewers over by cooking up their latest project ‘Last Squad Standing’ that’s reminiscent of VH1’s ‘I Love Of Money’ reality competition series from 2010. Peep the trailer below..


“Last Squad Standing” brings together three teams from Detroit, Baltimore and New Jersey for the ultimate squad-on-squad face-off. Each week they battle against each other in various physical challenges, but when a team loses, they must look within their own ranks to determine who will be up for elimination. The members of the winning crew vote for who stays and who goes.

The squad that lasts until the end with the most members standing not only claims the title, but also walks away with a grand prize of $100,000. In a house full of hookups, heart breaks and wild tempers; alliances and allegiances are put to the test as the contestants realize no one is safe from going home. Oxygen