WATCH: Shaunie O’Neal explains why she didn’t want Duffey on BBWLA & give thoughts on why fans don’t like her


The last few seasons of Basketball Wives LA have seen its fair share of changing faces with Brittish Williams, Patrice Curry, Brooke Bailey, Sundy Carter, Imani Showalter, Kimsha Artest, and Ariane Williams all being handed their walking papers by producers after not being well-received by viewers, and even though the addition of Angel Love to the Season 5 roster have been welcomed with open arms by fans, the same can’t be said about newbie Latosha Duffey who already appears to be rubbing the futon critics the wrong way..

Watch as Shaunie O’Neal gives her thoughts on why fans may not be feeling Duffey, and explain why she didn’t want her on the show..