WATCH: Michel’le opens up to Wendy Williams about her biopic ‘Surviving Compton’ & getting beat up by Dr Dre


Miche’le has spent the last few years airing out all of the ugly details of her abusive relationships with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight to any listening ear, but Dre have been calling foul on her claims lately and pretty much says that she’s a liar, so much so that he even issued a public apology to all of the other women that he abused in his past except for Michel’le..

The undocumented abuse claims may be setting her up for a similar lawsuit to the one that TLC received from their former manager “Pebbles” following the airing of their VH1 biopic, but during a recent chat about her upcoming ‘Surviving Compton’ biopic with Wendy Williams, watch as Michel’le explains why she is unbothered by it..