Warrant issued for the arrest of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta madam Karen King


Karen King has spent the past few weeks on social media raving about a her recent liposuction, breast lift, tummy tuck, and butt enhancement, which appears to be in preparation for the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But with Scrap Deleon being locked up, his brother Sas being shot, and Karen already looking at 3 years in prison for allegedly racking up almost $5,000 in designer threads at Saks under someone else’s name, it’s a good chance that by the time Season 6 rolls around we won’t be seeing much from the King family..

But if Karen’s identity fraud charges aren’t enough to keep her off of the small-screen for a while, her fresh charges for skipping out on payments for her Maserati just might put the nail in the coffin..

-TMZ Reports; “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Karen King has allegedly ducked car payments and the repo man for so long she’s now wanted by cops. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … King bought a Maserati in 2014, but it’s approaching 5 months since she’s made a payment on it.

We’re told the repo man’s been after her and the whip for months, but couldn’t track her down … so heading to court was the last option. The judge signed a warrant for Karen’s arrest late last week, but she’s still MIA. She’s got a lot on her plate after getting arrested back in May for identity fraud. She could still get up to 3 years behind bars for that alleged crime. -TMZ