WATCH: Keri Hilson, Meagan Good, & Kelly Rowland light up the trailer for Lifetime’s ‘Love By The 10th’

They’ve been shaking things up over at Lifetime lately with a string of well-received biopics and reality shows, but at the top of 2017 they plan to step it up a few more notches and set the stage for their new original film ‘Love By The 10’ that packs the star power of Meagan Good, Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Kellee Stewart, and Brandon T. Jackson. Peep the trailer below and catch the premiere on January 28th..


Love By The 10th Date follows Gabby, Nell, Billie, and Margot who balance their dating adventures alongside their career ambitions at an upscale digital magazine in Los Angeles, under the watchful eye of their editor, Maureen. Inspired by the site’s relationship advice column to find the one, Gabby and Nell embark on their own journeys towards the elusive 10th date, the dating world’s Holy Grail when it comes to commitment.

Meanwhile, Billie finds herself at a major crossroads in her marriage and Margot unsuccessfully tries to fight her growing attraction to a famously controversial reggae musician she is assigned to interview. As the ladies navigate the ups and downs of modern dating, romance, exes and friendships, they learn what they really want out of life and love. -Lifetime