WATCH: Cisco, Rich Dollaz, DJ Self, Yandy, Erika, & Samantha trade disses during the LHHNY Season 7 Episode 8 recap

Peter Gunz don’t mind airing out a chunk of his personal life on national television and cuttin’ up a bit for the cameras as long as he collects his checks from VH1 at the end of the day and is able to snatch up a few residual checks from hosting gigs, but after suffering through a public stoning for an entire season last year and then later having his cash flow blocked by Cisco over the Summer, he’s ready to ditch the cameras and setup a street brawl with his former Creep Squad bredren..

Watch as Cisco, Rich Dollaz, and DJ Self give fresh thoughts on the rivalry as part of the Love & Hip Hop NY Season 7 Episode 8 “Check Yourself” recap..