WATCH: Bobbi Kristina Brown Biopic

Bobbi Kristina Brown Biopic

With former Real Housewives Of Atlanta belle Demetria McKinney grabbing the reins as Whitney Houston, Vivica Fox tackling the role of Pat Houston, and Joy Rovaris Sharma taking-on the lead as Bobbi Kristina, TVOne is ready to unleash their upcoming Bobbi Kristina Brown Biopic despite backlash from Bobby Brown who says that he never gave the green light for the project.

‘Bobbi Kristina’ is being touted as an honest look at the young woman at the center of the most talked-about stories in recent years. Amidst the tabloid headlines, rumors and legal proceedings, we lost the real Bobbi Kristina Brown.

  • Sade’ Watson


  • Star Solomon

    This was her Ant Pat side of the story. The same fake Ant tht Bobby Brown real sister stated “She wasn’t real family neither” Everyone tried their best to keep her from her father who really loved. It’s crazy how he has a gd relationship with all his other kids but her bcuz all they did was feed her lies abt him. Nick had been in trouble with the law a lot n did manipulate n use her. The part with him puttin it all on social media was true, with the guns n everything but she had no real love on her side anyway. Even after her death Nick got arrested for beatin up his new girlfriend.
    Sorry to say this,…but it seem like she was a little slow n couldn’t think for herself. Mayb bcuz she never wnt to school.

  • Derri Bennett

    good movie. But who’s side of the story was this told from? certain parts feel like facts and some seem like just an opinion. because the only ppl who know all these details would be whitney,krissi, or nick. ijs

  • Supreme

    Bobby Brown ain’t shit but What’s new?

  • Supreme

    I believe this is one persons point of view at the time br of the day I feel like Bobbi Kristina was heartbroken by the death of her mothers death she just wanted to be with her. May both of thier souls Rest In Peace.

  • Adrianee P

    She did. Depression and anxiety pushed them away

  • Adrianee P

    Really good movie. The actress that plays krissy did awesome

  • A lost Israelite

    He called her ugly! She wasnt ugly, lookin like Bobby, lol, but he was, inside n out, WTF HE DRINKING?

  • A lost Israelite

    Should of beat tht bastard dead!

  • Z’blu

    I Think if she had someone n her corner instead of using her she could have had a life wth the money her mother left for her….i had to stop watching after 48 mins the greed was gettng on my nerves…..

  • Mz DiDi

    Demetria did her thing playing Whitney.

  • Mz DiDi

    That’s what a envious, jealous, low-down nothing ass dude will do to you. Whether this is true, not true or some truth, I believe that Nick killed that baby. WOW…….

  • Mz DiDi

    I agree. Why isn’t he in PRISON?!?!!!

  • Mz DiDi

    I say whether the movie is true, not true or some truth, I believe in my heart that that motherfucker killed that baby. It’s really sad Mrs. Houston had to bury her daughter AND granddaughter. My heart aches…

  • Mz DiDi

    I was too. And yes Demetria played that part. I forgot that she is an actress as well as a singer…she’s on the way UP! Glad for her.

  • Jonathansusieson Jones

    I was so happy when cuzzo whip that ass of his he needed it …. but Demetria McKinney played whitney I was bugging she did that

  • Sheniel Dixon

    This is horrible… that homeless bastard deserves death

  • SanMarie Kirk

    Going to watch the movie with the thoughts that nobody really knows what happened but Bobbi, in her own voice and she not her. People will always convict of many things upon a vision of another that want you to see it their way. Ask yourself who put this movie out and who is getting paid for this. Somebody getting paid.

  • jada

    It’s so sad how nobody could help these women with power and wealth comes blindness and the ignoring because they say they are ok knowing they aren’t! This movie was painful to watch her voice and looks just like Bobbi Kristina rip

  • Nakia Corbin

    This movie made me so emotional.

  • veronica Boyce

    exactly he was so wicked!!!! fucking unreal

  • A lost Israelite

    I am ENRAGED! I have a Daughter, this BASTARD, is the biggest, self centred, GREEDY, user going! He was not going to marry her, n I think she finally knew, she was hurting. He killed tht girl, he did tht, he hated her, just wanted her money, smh