WATCH: Black women go on the hunt for white men in Bravo’s ‘To Rome For Love’

Shay Atkins, Nakita McGraw, Mercedes Young, Ashley Russell, and Gina Neely has pretty much had enough of trying to find a quality African American man, and are taking the drastic measures of going abroad to Italy in hopes of snagging an Italian man that may better serve them. Watch as they document their trek through the lens of Bravo’s new series ‘To Rome For Love’.


Diann Valentine takes five beautiful women to Italy. Each in a different stage of their life with unique stories of love, but all share in the same challenges of dating as a black woman in America. The adventure begins in a decadent villa in the heart of Rome where the women will reside as they explore who they are and what they want from love.

Joined by her two assistants, Diann curates the ultimate foreign experience with Rome’s most eligible bachelors. Going on organized one-on-one dates and small group excursions may all sound as sweet as gelato, but it’s not all nightly strolls on the piazza and delicious wine for these single ladies, as they must face their fears, get past their emotional baggage, understand cultural differences, and open themselves up to the chance to fall in love. -Bravo/To Rome For Love