WATCH: Phaedra Parks explain why she doesn’t want to return to Real Housewives Of Atlanta

As viewers continue to blast Bravo for unfairly firing Phaedra Parks over an ill-received storyline while some of the women from other ‘Housewives’ franchises continue to skate-by unscathed while displaying worse behavior, Phaedra is turning a blind eye to the mayhem surrounding the show now that she has scored a much sought-after modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models.

Watch as gets candid about her return during a recent chat with TMZ.

  • Earthcage

    This is one person ” I DO NOT MISS ” …she been lying from day 1. I would rather see Apollo come back with his new Queen any day . lol RT.

  • Earthcage

    Queen keep in mind we’re talking about ” Phony Phaedra ” lying ASSSSSSS….smh

  • LoveFromSami


  • Jayne

    Nothing I said implied that I thought it was that serious “sweetie” so let’s not x


    i didn’t really like phaedra but after the drama that unfolded i would kind of like to see how she may have handled the situation though you clearly cant expect much from her after she sat up there hush mouth at the reunion. lmao why couldn’t she just pop up and do confessionals throwing shade, mariah from married to medicine does exactly that.

  • Brown Suga


  • Kacey
  • Roro

    How you gone get fired and then give an interview to explain why you “don’t want to come back”!? Denial is not just a large body of water.

  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah


  • Gcode2010

    bitch you cant go back

  • BossBee

    Okay fair enough

  • sayitagain

    Hmmmmm good point how could you be married to a scammer and not know it though. like a said a little truth in every lie. It s a difference between knowing and participating. Like with Kandi I doubt she wanted to drug Porscha but I believe she wanted to fuck her in that grotto. Lol

  • Coco

    Phaedra is a liar as I know she’s missing the coins from the show. That’s why she rented out a place so she’s talking s*** Phaedar doesn’t have many clients in the law firm so I know she’s going to miss that cheque again but she has to say something positive well just look like nothing else is going on in her life but I will never believe a word Phaedra talks about. And her mouth looks dirty sorry to say looks like shes been sucking head.

  • ImSomebodyToo

    i believe bedroom kandi wants to get with all the women in her circle. Ole nasty escape freak

  • ImSomebodyToo

    she looks nasty with her mouth open and her tongue showing, head to the side. How fake and phony can you get? Girl please, get in the corner, with your fake happy ass.

  • BossBee

    By that logic, is it safe to assume that Phaedra was in on the scam Apollo was running?

  • BossBee

    Society is so backwards I swear..this woman told a lie that could have ruined another (black) woman’s life, career, and reputation..yet people feel bad for her or that she’s not on the show anymore? Get your mu’fuckin’ lives!

  • mocha brown

    He is black

  • mocha brown

    Miss her soooo much! Love you Phaedra.. You were my favorite!!!

  • Elle To Tha Pee

    She needs to stay home and concentrate on her kids and her shady ass businesses. Is she still even a Lawyer tho? What happened to her Funeral Business? Bye Phakedra

  • sayitagain

    If y’all think Kandi ole lesbo ass didn’t want to get Porscha down in her grotto .. yall tripping. There is a bit of truth in every lie.

  • Inipow

    Thanks luv , but it wasn’t about the color of the interviewer but about the statement . I don’t care if it was said by Harriet Tubman or Marcus Garvey it was a fucked up statement and should have been addressed especially by Fakedra . Remember when Kenya (a black woman) felt threatned by those guys . She jumped all over her with Black lives matter . Stay true Fakedra not just ride the trend when it’s convenient.

  • Shera Latoya

    Model? Yeah ok lol

  • “Unfairly firing” Phaedra? People really think the Demonic Decepticon was “unfairly” fired? Unless Bravo was going to give her her own show, or at least her own separate segment from the rest of the cast, nobody was going to film with her. What was she gonna do? Just pop up in confessionals throwing shade at everyone in scenes she wasn’t in? She fired herself.

  • Alisha Crawford

    The interviewer is Black he just sounds very educated and proper not your typical hood slang!! Just an FYI

  • Inipow

    I’m not bothering myself with you, I forgot you were a troll.

  • PowerFanatic


  • PowerFanatic

    Nawh Apollo was a “househusband”. He should have been the one holding the peach…

  • Rosi

    Did this white guy really just tell a black woman “it’s like you made it out the hood twice”? #1 she’s not from the hood and #2 Phaedra should have checked his ass

  • Sevenwinters6summers

    Im sorry and how exactly did she profit? And how do you know it was for show? Are you DUMB? Im not Phaedras biggest fan but trust I seen what she did on the show to promote black awareness!

  • Hmeda Aaliyah

    There’s no lie bigger than other. Phaedra has her fault but so does the other cast members, Kandi was a shirty friend to Phaedra so she retaliated due to the fact that she was hurt by her ex bestie.

    Kandi should’ve understand that and try to mend her relationship with Phaedra behind closed doors.
    Those two should’ve called it truce put everything on the table just the two of them. But it didn’t go that way that’s why they stay bitter, angry, vindictive, vicious and hateful. Instead of forgiving(but don’t forget) and making love.
    Most of these Women’s in the RH franchise lied some lies are too crazy. The cancer women lied about that cmon now.

    Phaedra lied whoopylido newsflash “Everybody lie”

  • Hmeda Aaliyah

    Ouch is it what’s happening to you rn?

  • Tasticks
  • Inipow

    I want something done to the interviewer. Wtf was that made it out the hood crack . What hood? See if Fakedra was all about the black power movement she wouldn’t have giggled at that but set him straight

  • Inipow

    Yes but that was all for show , profit and furthering her career.

  • Inipow

    Exactly , Horesha has no remorse and neither does Fakedra. If I had a 2dollar brand and someone tried to tarnish it ESPECIALLY after I SUPPORTED them I would Cardi B them – have problems forEVA! As with Nene (who irks my soul), she fought to keep that TRASHY Horesha on the show , counseled her through her divorce and defended her on many occasions but Horesha shows no gratitude. Look how Horesha treats her OWN sister , shes not a good person not is she a child . No excuses just repercussions.

  • Inipow

    I love it balls and bills ! Sack chaser Yass!

  • Loppy

    Black women…or women in general…please stop with the botox! Your face should be able to move!

  • Tasticks

    She knows good and well she’s a sack chaser! Balls and bills!

  • Kay

    Yaaaassss, say it! Tell the truth and shame the devil sis!

  • Kay

    Chase checks, legal and illegal

  • ㅤㅤLa

    Believe you me, I am just speaking in general lol. Kandi holds grudges, she’s my girl but she can hold grudges better than the sky holds clouds lol. But nah Porsha can wait 10 years for forgiveness and Phaedra didn’t even apologize either. They out here saying Kandi a snake but that’s the snake, Snakedra

  • India

    I’m not clutching at anything sweetie …
    Everybody has their own opinion
    We can agree to disagree .. it’s a TV show is not that serious

  • India

    I’m not watching properly because I have my own opinion

    Wow ….

  • India

    Yes, you can compare one season with another ..then maybe you can understand why things happened the way they did …At the end of the day, this is a job for these ladies. And Porscha would have been fired along with Phaedra if it was facts …She was fired for fighting Kenya ..but not fired for defamation…Phaedra is now modeling for Wilhelmina

  • Tasticks

    Bye, FAKEdra!

  • Jayne

    Forgive what. Even at the reunion porsha wasn’t tryna apologise. From then any apology that she was offering was because of the back lash

  • Jayne

    Girl. Everyone calls Porsha a hoe. Porsha is self proclaimed princess of thot land. You’re just clutching at straws at this point. Porsha has no reason to go against Kandi. Kandi put her as the star of her show with her struggle voice and never turning up. If anyone is a snake it’s porsha.

  • Ree_RN

    Phaedra found out the ill effects being a liar can cause you…rots you from the inside out huh girl? smh

  • Brielle

    “It’s like you made it out the hood twice” is it just me or did that sound kind of passive aggressive negative?? Like whaaat??? And usually the people behind the drama (edomites) making $$ off ignorance as such for ratings …. won’t ever put themselves in that kind of light!! Smh

  • Carrie Kittles

    Bye phony phae phae! If you wanted to go back you couldn’t with the lies you told and drama you started!

  • NewbieNubian

    It’s not as scripted as a scripted show. What’s scripted is the settings and scenarios; the reactions and point of views are ALL the ladies’ own. SOOOOO, your example is a false equivalent that does not work.

  • NewbieNubian

    lol Phaedra been lying since she told us she was five months pregnant at 9 months; her very first season. Sis, just leave ya I love Phaedra comment and go.

  • MChantye

    totally agree with you

  • ㅤㅤLa

    Well yeah that’s what I mean. I’m the same way. And ppl wanna say oh she went and said this about Porsha and blah blah blah. You put lies out about me, you right ima defend myself and go tell truths or whatever to attack you back. But Kandi didn’t play nearly equal to the things they did cause that’s not really in her. The one thing I hate is Kandi does need to learn to forgive. I can’t say when she needs to but she needs to learn it.

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Honestly even if I like someone if I think they’re wrong I comment saying they are wrong.

  • T

    Lol you better say it! Some folks are just slow

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Exactly. She knew good and well Kenya didn’t do anything with her husband but she needed someone to blame and she knew Apollo was looking at Kenya

  • ㅤㅤLa

    You can’t compare a situation this season to last season. Yeah she said that after what happened last season.
    Your comparisons are so off lol now you’re comparing them calling her hoe as if this girl didn’t just spend an entire season accusing her of being a rapist. If Kandi was such a snake, Porsha wouldn’t keep apologizing and saying in recent interviews she hope she can be forgiven and they move forward once Kandi has her space. I wouldn’t care if a snake wanted to be In my grass. Anyway. Sweetie have a good night.

  • ㅤㅤLa

    Lmao you can watch properly and still feel how she does. When you dislike someone where you say hateful things about them, everything about them is wrong or annoying. The problem wit viewers is they side because they’re a fan. I side for right, if it’s right it’s right if it’s wrong it’s wrong. And Phaedra as many seasons as I liked her, was wrong. Same with Porsha.

  • India

    She didn’t accuse her ..she said she heard about it …yeah she defended her alright just like a typical B** get mad at you and tell all your business

    but it’s ok for Kandi and Carmen to be saying Porscha keeps her legs open ..basically calling her a hoe

    I don’t feel sorry for Kandi she’s a snake …at the end of the day they always get their heads chopped off

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    She’s not watching properly

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Wtf. Walter wanted to be on the show that why he was whole clown. That lady looks better than half the people speaking about her marriage being fake. While most of y’all working and your man sitting on your couch dirty texting another bitch

  • India

    If I had to choose between Kenya and Phaedra I would choose Phaedra …

  • India

    So Phaedra is the only one whose shady …

  • ㅤㅤLa

    She defended the Mr Chocolate thing in the beginning, however…. Cheating and accusing someone of rape and drugging someone is no comparison….cheating don’t ruin your brand or can cause legal issues. But okay

  • India

    And the other women on the show ain’t fake …NeNe is the leader …

  • India

    It works two ways …they were good friends …remember Phaedra introduced Kandi to Todd in Africa….once she got with Todd the shade began …all of a sudden she’s best friends with Apollo hiding his bikes …listening to his BS about Phadera…never did she call Phaedra and tell her what Apollo was saying instead she took sides and it was Apollo side so in the end you can’t blame Phaedra for giving Kandi a sip of her own tea …it was Kandi who went around saying Phaedra was cheating on Apollo with Mr Chocolate …rennet when Kandi’s mother was disrespectful as well questioning her about her divorce …Apollo new girlfriend shows up to Kandi event and they sit there talking to her instead of saying sorry but you got to go …she did say she was uncomfortable …with the girl being there but it didn’t stop her from gossiping ..I’m team Phaedra ..I don’t think I would have done that but again you know us females can be trifling when a bitch comes for us

  • India

    The shows aren’t script ..but they do follow you around a lot and tell you what you can and can’t do …you have to be available to them 24/7….Kandi is so full of shit …Phaedra is the one who introduced her to Todd
    At the end of the day ..they was all team Apollo …Kandi going back telling ppl Phaedra cheating with Mr Chocolate….but alway get mad when the tables are turned …all of a sudden she’s Nene’s friend …gtfoh
    They all are teaming up against Porscha which isn’t cool …even Cynthia said Nene has done the same thing to her well sweetheart why didn’t you defend Porscha
    I’m so sick and tired of Kenya ….this girl can’t get a real man wth ….

  • Lol as if she had a choice.

  • On The Good Foot
  • Andrea

    Maybe. And I don’t like her but she was the ONLY one on the show doing stuff for a positive cost beside her drama.(have the flu don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense)

  • QueenDrop84

    Come on now…Yall know Kandi said that shit. It was a joke taken out of context and everybody knows it. FOH Kandi, you been with the shits!!! LMFAO

  • thekeep itonehundred
  • Shante’ Kaneisha

    ik i was

  • Kemi

    Bam. I agree with every word. It’s just a shame how she galvanized the hate parade against Kenya and people gave shady Phaedra a pass for so many years. I never liked that bitch, and they couldn’t have fired her soon enough.

  • Kemi

    And she falsely accused Kenya of sleeping with Apollo. But people hated Kenya so much that they supported this wench. Until she did it to Kandi, everything was all good. This bitch been maligning everyone on that show for years undercover, then call herself a fake ass southern belle and bible thumping preacher’s kid. Fix me Jesus and all that BS. She will rot in hell for using God’s name to do so much evil.

  • Sevenwinters6summers

    One thing about Phardra she ALWAYS made a point to shine a light on what is going on in the BLACK community and always made postive trips and praise towards the black community black men etc.,Bravo probably got tired of it. Sorry if you guys like or her not ,her getting fired for a rumor to what goes on in these shows seems kinda questionable

  • thekeep itonehundred

    who cares Phaedra…we was just watching for Ayden and Delyn

  • April_Moon

    Oh so I guess people shouldn’t comment on shows like Empire, Power, Insecure etc either huh? They’re all scripted so we shouldn’t comment on any of the characters on those shows like Cookie and Ghost huh? You’re contradicting your own point.

  • Squad Down Productions


  • April_Moon

    Aaaawww ima miss Phaedra. She was actually one of my faves. I kinda feel bad for how she went out

  • April_Moon

    Ummmm what does that have to do with her saying that she doesn’t want to be on the show anymore??? All tv shows are what? who cares? It’s entertainment lol

  • Ancient Wisdom

    it’s so exhausting this racism shit

  • Squad Down Productions


  • LucyLou4731

    You should be ashamed of what you put Kandi though. You tried to destroy her brand. Maintain your integrity and use your degree for good.

  • Zarah
  • $ PoWeR


  • A lost Sheep

    Fakedra, The Southern Hell, Bravo dont want your lyin, scammin ass, U a liability! U cant even breathe toward Heaven, like tht!

  • Fade away. Fade-ra
    You lied about your pregnancy to keep up a facade for a convict who you did scams with then claimed you didn’t know how he made his money.
    You dug up nene half siblings in an attempt to make her then-rising star dim.
    You lost your lawsuit against scam partner Angela Stanton which exposed you in a car theft ring and more.
    You helped bring a real life lawsuit against kandi
    You disparaged maligned defamed her character by claiming she was a sex predator who had planned with her husband to assault a fellow cast mate.
    Bye bih. You should’ve been in jail.

  • mish mash

    Phaedra still faking!!!! ✋

  • Zarah

    Andy said point blank, she gone because on one wants to film with her…the other RHOA ladies pushed her out

  • kaib

    It was bigger than was. I really wonder how would you feel if you somebody said you try to rape them.

  • Renee Jones

    And still to this day with the stank face like please honey shit been worst than this

  • Renee Jones

    Yeah you know what that’s about

  • RavennaBonet

    girl bye

  • Scarlette

    So true….the white women get away with alot on their shows!!!. But Porsha and Cynthia both been in fights yet they’re both still there so I’m confused as to why they felt the need to fire Phaedra over that Kandi mess. Kandi is a drama queen and made it bigger than what it was.

  • ㅤㅤLa

    I wouldn’t return anywhere where I got found out to be a lie and fraud either, while pretending to be a Christian and a lawyer. I’d go sit somewhere and find happiness with my kids too.

  • MelaninGoddess

    Teresa from the New Jersey housewives was doing fraud while on the show and is now a WHOLE felon and she’s still on Bravo. They even welcomed her back with her own tv special after she got out of prison smh

  • MC (MichelleLClark)

    U sound like a big old hater urself.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Gurl, they don’t want yo ass back…Ain’t nobody checking for Fakerda Parks, maybe a couple ppl but datz about it…The one that was stirring the b/s is happy now, she needs to take dat act on da road….

  • Shelbella

    Hahaha, she is full of SHIT, she was the drama, the HATER. She could have ruined someone career, family & LIFE due to her hating ways. She was so sick of Kandies success she is so nasty but karma is a #!&@% yours is coming FAKEDRA Darks