• moods

    What is going on Tyler Prrry??????

  • moods

    Where is season 8.?

  • Itx Lukley

    I CNT FIND if-loving-you-is-wrong-season-7-episode-2-justice PLIZ HELP

  • Itx Lukley


  • Toya M Adams

    Is there more than one site you get to watch it from?

  • Toya M Adams

    what is up with the no sound???

  • Purple Princess

    Terrible is too good a name for that shitty performance. She needs to watch herself in the playback and sign up for all the acting classes she can afford. It was downright comical.

  • Oliveoyl
  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    I’m mad they didn’t show Eddy gettin plunged

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    Andrew Dead

  • jus_saying

    Why is it that Kelly and Natalie like to act like they’re dumb?

  • India

    Oops I gave the wrong group ..

  • Courtney Washington

    Call that bitch

  • Diana Jnbaptiste

    Kelly acted the part very well she made me cry and I don’t cry that easy she acted normal you Lord it in real life I had kind of an experience like that and believe you do act unnormal if there is such a word she reminded me of my experience so I find she did do a good job come to reality, it happens in real life.

  • Tia Shantel Jones

    Tyler Perry just kill Kelly’s character she sounds like a child and her acting is TERRIBLE

  • India

    Me too …I’ve seen Esperanza in some other movies she still horrible to me …that just used her because she has a nice body …..Ramsey was in that movie moonlight …..and we all know Lushion from the five heart beats …

  • Binedra

    I agree. But I think they have potential and since I have seen some of them in other movies I think they need better direction here. But I keep watching it cause they are good to look at.

  • India
  • India

    All their acting is horrible ..except Marcie and Eddie ….he’s funny and irritating at the same time

  • Keisha Sexton

    She act like Thandie character from beloved lol

  • Keisha Sexton

    Honestly she couldn’t act this whole series lol

  • ImSomebodyToo

    not with those pink lips

  • NeCoyah

    Omg… Stop playin dumb kelly damn

  • T Hale

    RIGHT!!!! Her acting was TERRIBLE!

  • stillpretty

    This Kelly and travis thing is pissing me off! Just lock her up, put travis in a coma and let it be over!

  • Kelly Bellie Pratt

    It seems like she has taken on the character of a 8 year old to force the viewers to feel sympathy,,,but thats just HORRIBLE ACTING

  • QBee

    This is some bad acting

  • Prissy


  • Lost Sheep

    Omg! Kelly is a absolutely HORRID, Actress! I cant believe TP put his name on tht shit! He did make it up tho, cuz, HONEYYYYYYYYYYYY HONEY, HONEY! When I saw Eddie, I lost control! I bet Luchion, n the Camera Crew either did, or wanted too! I laughed myself into the future of 2159! Tht shit was too damn funny, n when Esperanza took a pic, I was truly done! Eddie stay talkin shit to Luchion, n needed him, Esperanza too, u should of left his trife ass there!

  • Eunique

    I can’t deal with Kelly right now!!

  • Keisha

    I understand Kelly is in shock, but why is she acting like that? Worst acting ever lol.

  • Keisha

    Yes I wanted to smack her. Horrible acting lol

  • Keisha

    Yes he is so sexy. Gets better with age

  • WhitWhit

    When Lucian open that door to find Eddie ass

  • StraightShooter

    Eddie never disappoints! Lol

  • Felicia

    The scene with Kelly was just over-the-top foolery!! SMH The only reason I watch this show is just to see Lushion fine behind!!!


    This story with Kelly is getting on my last damn nerve..

  • Jasmine

    Why the fuck they got Kelly acting like she slow, dumb, and stupid in these scenes. Lushion shoulda just slap the dog shit outta her ass one good time…Ugh. Eddie’s ass was about to be fifty shades of black, literally with they freaky asses.