BLAZIN VIDEO: LHHNY’s Lil Mo & Karl strip down and get intimate for her new ’30 Minutes’ video

Lil Mo has put in her fair share of time fighting off Karl’s mistresses over the years while making him suffer through lie detector tests, but in the visual for her new single ’30 Minute’s’ she’s stepping out of the role of wife and into the shoes of one of his mistresses as she tackles the role of the”side chick”. Pop the top to see how the duo delivered.

  • I ain’t mad that she still smoke. But then lyrics ain’t hittin. Not for this age, leave that to the babies. And neither is the song. That’s wtf I mean. So She can gtfoh with that. *shrugs*

  • Tamika Sondaé

    Shiiiid I’m pushing 40 and I definitely still roll up and smoke! Wtf you mean? Foh

  • MsRika Lafaye


  • Lauren Grant

    I liked it too plus I’m always gonna support black love. They doing what they do and I hope they make it.

  • JamaicanBriexz

    I like it.

  • Verbal-Leigh

    I didnt even get the vibe to download it like other LHH artists in the past..

  • Ariel

    Lol it’s just a steamy video. This is not Lil Mo. Girl staaaap! This is wrong. Enjoy your hubby but I ain’t tryna see nothing

  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    Well… it’s not terrible. It’s nothing like that Dream Girl bs lol. It’s alright…

  • Can we Ta Da Lil Mo back? Cuz this Issa no Mo. sorry. Roll something, smoke something? Nah girl you too old for that.

  • Kamo Brinson
  • PoisonSamonee

    I’m not even gonna click the video. She has a pretty voice but they both dusty as hell. Nasty looking couple

  • Kamo Brinson

    Lil Mo
    Issa no..
    The vid,gotstago

  • Sharri Hurst

    I’m actually impressed by the song. I love her voice.

    Video… her and her husband’s intimacy, quality and plot is a huge NO.

  • DQ

    Damn I cuda did a better video for her off my laptop lol

  • Jenny Block

    Whack what a waste of money they could have bought an ice cream truck

  • Tika Harris

    Strange video………

  • P Love

    Dang. Looks like they shot this video on a iPhone

  • Shavon Newson

    I luv Moe. #Ta Daa

  • Choose the Red Pill

    More shit nobody asked for.

  • Telly

    Yesss omg

  • Da1stBitch

    I like the song. I fuq with it! And I wanna fuq to it

  • Renee Jones

    Lil Mo stop it please honey ain’t nobody interested in you and your husband intimacies we have our owns thank you very much.
    You fell off Hun

  • Ashley True
  • Yetunde

    The video looked like a very low budget one.

  • Malia

    How many times she been married didnt she get Divorced like 2/3 season ago.. and they have a baby too.. I miss something cuz when she was on R&B Divas she was getting divorced on that show and now she’s married with another child she don’t waste no time

  • It’s a no for me three! lmfaooo. :/

  • This was so awkward to watch and listen to lol…I couldn’t even finish watching the whole thing. And isn’t homeboy gay anyways?? o.O

  • Joyce Renee Gonzalez

    It was like they recyled the same “sex scenes” over and over but the song is a bop

  • Buzzz

    EXACTLY!! Omg, bruh im glad I ain’t losing my shit

  • Lost Sheep

    Girl, 5 minutes was Foreplay, lol

  • Lost Sheep

    Watched it again, yes, the song bangin, but I had to separate the song from the Video, in my head! Still hate the Video, Bow Wow, RUFF RUFF, in it! Sis, make a Remix, n take his stray dog ass out of it! Everything Positive about Mo, I LOVE Sis! Everything NADA about Basset Hound/Chihuahua mix, damn mutt!

  • taj

    Yea song is good; but video is hella low budget

  • nette

    you made my day

  • nette
  • Sy

    Videos a mess song Issa vybe

  • Sy

    So after all that she cast him as the main man anyway

  • Myemaildied

    Don’t understand the storyline lol

  • Anonymous
  • Nikki

    This shit look like it was shot with a iPhone and that’s being generous lol

  • Jettson Garner Ames Green

    Haha I thought it said 30 minute video… like the video lasted for 30 min. I was like, “aint nobody bout to watvh no 30 min video.”

  • EducatedRatchet

    Lil mo looks like a damn mini clown…too much all the time..

  • Baybeetricia

    The song is aiite but the video issa no for me. Nothing is sexy about this video…..and it STILL ain’t gonna stop him from cheating so…..#nextcase

  • Candice Henderson

    That just got downloaded off iTunes! This is a jam

  • singer4101

    nice song..I remember Mo from the tour bus in 03″ superwoman “shouts out to the Segrams sponsors and the dance crew back then, Mike/Daryl the drivers. “Cisco’s” #Detroit #Moyouwasrudetome #youownmeanapology #wecoulddosomethings shouts out to Carl Thomas, cool cat, real live auth!

  • singer4101

    Did anyone catch Mo saying, “we been going at it for at least 15 minutes and all she needs is 10 but 30 minutes is what you’ll need ?

  • Aleggra Penn

    She just giving him more clout to cheat…Poor Mo. Don’t mix bidness and pleasure.

  • Thalia

    Karl lame asf looking at his pic !Lil Mo out her Mom especially after seeing how this baby lil boy ass nigga acted on the show!!!!!

  • Sweetheart

    The song and video is good

  • IssieB

    I’m just not interested in seeing either of them especially her in a sexy role…… no sex appeal AT ALL….. and who styled her? I love her voice and her as a person but this whole sexy bit is just not her. And not appealing to the masses

  • Lady Imz

    Karl is SEXY AS HELLLLLL bloody hell

  • Yerp!

    Karl is slow and he has this creep ass shit going on with him. Always creeping up where he doesn’t belong, he’s a bum, he’s a cheater. What does he do for money if he’s not boxing? I think his boxing career is over because he cant take many more hits to his head. That’s obvious

  • MsBee8

    lmfaooooo this comment made me hollered

  • they forgot to white balance the cameras. smh

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    Idk what ya’ll talking about but I liked the video.

  • Mari

    These comments

  • DownSouth

    Shit was just boring af

  • DownSouth

    Yea it’s a no for me too lmao

  • Nikki

    It’s gonna be a no for me dawg (Randy Jackson voice)

  • Scarlette

    Karl is sexy as hell

  • Black Queen Goddess

    good song mo

  • 9Ether


  • Abstruce

    I like the actual song. Everything else… meh…

  • Ttrini

    Couple of things….
    I think her stylist is mad at her lol

  • hennyst8

    I thought this was a trailer for a tv show I was about to go HAM

  • Lost Sheep

    No, Mo look foolish even being with him! The World know he aint shit, Mo deserves so much more, I cant stand his cheating ass! She should of kept her orginal plan, no Carl in her video, he use to be cute to me, but after his bs, dog ugly! I wanted to slap his ass out the video!

  • AveryWest

    Ima need about 30 minutes to go upside her head for putting Karl in this video

  • April_Moon

    Mo it’s going to take me about 30 minutes to wipe the image of you in lingerie out of my mind

  • MelaninGoddess

    She look like a damn fool having him in the video cheating on a whole other woman after having him on Couples Court giving his ass a lie detector test for cheater on her ass

  • Lost Sheep

    Hell, it take 30 minutes to strip naked, Mo tryin to get a quickie, singin ass Heffa!

  • Cynthia Watson

    Mo its gone take me 30 mins to get some head. I need more then that but ummmmm ok whateva