WATCH: Erica Mena light up the teaser for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7

With Joseline now on hiatus, Mona has tapped Love & Hip Hop vet Erica Mena to jump-in and spearhead the upcoming 7th season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alongside Stevie J where she’ll be trying to resurrect her music career while battling for his attention with singer JustBrittany and his other artist Estelita. Erica will be joined by newbies Tokyo Vanity, BK Brasco, Keely Hill, and dancehall queen Spice. With its March 19th premiere date now etched in stone, watch as Erica take center stage in the season 7 teaser below.


What’s going with Kirk and Rasheeda you ask? Welp, the paternity test results are in. In the case of baby Kannon (*Maury voice*), Kirk you ar…we’ll just have to tune in and find out. Depending on the results, will Rasheeda stay or has too much damage been done? With one home seemingly broken, another is building as Jessica Dime is moving forward wedding planning with fiancé Shawne Williams. A destination wedding is the goal but with Shawne focusing more on his career, this future basketball wife is hoping their family is their number one priority.

Tommie’s past may bite her in the ass. Scrapp DeLeon is scheduled for an early release which means Momma KK is back in the picture. Last we saw her was via Skype at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season six reunion where she and Tommie got into it. The drama continues because now KK is close with a former friend of Tommie’s and you know how she feels about loyalty. Hopefully this does not distract Miss Tommie Lee from pursuing her rap career.

Lyfe didn’t work out, Joc didn’t work out, Ceaser of Black Ink Crew definitely didn’t work out, but now Karlie Redd has moved on with writer/producer Sean Garret. Karlie’s ex Joc still has the hair game on point and is looking to become a business man with the open of his newest venture, Salon Eshelon.

Queen of the Dancehall Spice is channeling her inner Amara La Negra to crossover into the American music industry. Sierra of the Glam Shop scooted her husband to the side and is working towards a divorce while continuing a successful business. Momma Dee done had it with Ernest and although they aren’t quite on the divorce train, she is ready to have a new man. -VH1