75 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Episode 3 – ‘Tap That App’

  1. Point blank period you can’t say something rude then get upset when someone is rude back. That’s literally the only concept you fail to grab. Smfh. Slow.

  2. I never said Vixen had no right to respond and No I don’t agree with the way Aquaria goes about her issues either but I do have a problem with the way the Vixen chose to respond because that’s exactly what it was it was a choice and I think vixen chose poorly and then used her blackness to justify the excessive behavior that’s not cool.

  3. But you don’t think Aquaria deserved it at all? She’s been talking shit so much this season already and when it gets brought up, she pretends she didn’t say anything. Like with Cracker’s make up. She was talking all that shit saying how Cracker copies her. It gets brought up and Aquaria is all… no it’s fine, it didn’t bother me. THEN this. She tried to take back what she said again. Screw the race shit, yeah I think that’s dumb. But I feel like aquaria had it coming. She can’t keep running her mouth and expect rainbows and sunshine in return.

  4. Where’s my show!!!?????? Ugh I look forward to seeing this when I work nights ugh!!!!!!!!

  5. Nah you’re reaching here The vixen was out of line because everyone is responsible for their own actions. Aquaria is not responsible for how the Vixen CHOSE to respond. The Vixen exhibited aggressive behavior from the moment she walked in and has continued to prove that she meant it, and she’s not sorry. I feel like Vixen used her blackness to get away with being an asshole in this situation

  6. Gurl, Im not finna play with these hoes… got my ass sitting here being domestic

  7. Behaving like the “angry black person” butcwas provokes to be that angry PERSON but like she said people who initiate it never want to take responsibility and always want to dictate someone’s response you started the shit.

  8. When is episode 4 going to be up? This is the one I’ve been waiting for I live for the Runway challenges every season.

  9. Vixen is there to stir pots but need to do something with that look. She’s so unpolished

  10. Listen you ain’t gotta tell me nothing about being black I’m 3 different types of African I’m more Black than you’ll ever be. There’s always a classy way to address anything that needs to be addressed the Vixens response was over the top for what was being asked it’s too much and when people cry “racism” too much for everything it becomes harder for people to take it seriously when something really really bad happens. Somebody questioning if your drag merits the win doesn’t warrant that kind of response. Vixen doesn’t wanna get labeled as an Angry Black Woman but she was definitely behaving like an angry black person. If vixen is confident in her drag somebody questioning her talent shouldn’t illicit that type of energy out as her.

  11. But again if you’re not black you will never understand. Yes The Vixen definitely was being a tab bit petty BUT Aquaria got her ass handed to her. PERIOD. Aquaria likes to throw stones then hide her hand but The Vixen doesn’t play that. If you can’t take what you fished out then you should stay on mute….. Aquaria stay on mute whenever you have something to say to The Vixen because you already on her bad list. And mine as well

  12. I do not agree with the Vixen at all if somebody throws a tiny piece of a shade pebble at you that doesn’t mean you get to respond with and entire shade mountain … it’s too much. This issue had nothing to do with RACE nobody even brought race into this conversation until Vixen said it, and I don’t feel like she actually had any validity to her “you’re making me look like an angry black woman stereotype argument” because she was acting like an Angry black woman she told us from day one she’s here to fight ! To call upon the racial divide every time you have an argument with someone of another race for your own personal benefit doesn’t help anybody grow ever. It’s these types of identity politics games that dilute the validity of that argument all together. I don’t like what Aquaria said but the Vixen was dead wrong for her reaction to it.

  13. I died when Ru said “This is what it sounds like when doves cry.” LMAOOOOOOOOO

  14. Vixen was right in EVERY way. Aquaria is very young so she will try it but She met her match. Vixen for top 4

  15. Sorry buy i need to give an honorary mention to Camron Michaels…that runway look was FLAWLESS. The detail, the fashun, very Maleficient. Like ugh, she needs more praise for that look. Close secojd to Eureka…she committed to that look. Beautiful. Wow

  16. Omg yaaaaassss! This episode gave me all of the feels sheesh untucked is a

  17. Mayhem should’ve spoke up ,He’s trying to shift the blame as an excuse to why he failed !!

  18. I like this show remind me of best, amazing, interesting, talented, best fashion, full of great or assassin lip syncer, and stronger performers, and all queens is unique and bring us drama and competition in the same time like season 6, 5, 4, 2, and 3 and maybe this show will turn into one of the best show

  19. Oooh Vixen got them Allllllllll the way together. Assembled Biatchhhhh!!!

  20. Not all that crazy about Vixens looks…idk sums off. Her makeup just always seems funny looking. Blair sinclair is soooo sweet and cute omg


  22. All of you who are bitching about the quality, go watch it somewhere else, or buy a mother fucking YouTube red subscription. Otherwise, shut yo damn mouth and enjoy Drag Race. Bye hoes xoxo

  23. I’m really loving this season. Everyone has personality and stands out in their own way. I’m loving the shade too!

  24. I literally put a spoiler warning wtf? There’s ppl on here who comments spoilers about the episode all the time and give no warnings, because this is the comment section where people come to comment about the episode tf. If you’re idiot enough to be up in the comments section before watching then it’s your fault, and I even made sure to space the actual comment out from the warning itself so ppl can see that first, your stupid ass should’ve never continued reading when you saw the word spoiler so you’re welcome stupid. And no this is where you come to watch the episode and the comment section is for you to discuss the episode tf so that’s your own damn fault

  25. the part where mayhem miller take some feathers off her dress while the song says: you want a piece of me?… just made it for me! yuhua… air guitar? really???

  26. Spoiler Alert!

    I’m sooo happy Mayhem sent Yuhah ass home, she was starting to get on my last nerves plus mayhem deserve to be here more anyways. And my baby Asia finally winning a challenge!!!

  27. Sighs somebody dropped this ball with this upload…FIRE EM! ….jk lmao but imma go somewhere else and watch it lol

  28. the quality of this video is bad, icant watch it like this..the audio is before the talking

  29. Well if you have that much of an issue with it why won’t you just watch it somewhere else?

  30. im so disappointed about the quality of the episode. i thought it was the same from the other episodes and seasons that i already watched here.

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